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How law firms estimate what claim is worth?


After you submit your basic claim information, the attorney will be able to provide a cursory estimate using a formula such as the Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation formula (BASE).


This formula was created by Dan Baldyga, a former insurance adjuster and claims manager, turned expert witness and authoritative author who wrote about auto injury claim valuation methods.


Your attorney can plug in basic values such as medical bills, property damages, lost work time but also needs to factor the intangibles, e.g. personal credibility, driving records, emotional distress, temporary disability, etc.

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What do i do after a car accident?


If you were injured, get immediate medical attention. If you were able to stay at the accident, collect as much information as you can (other driver contact info, other driver insurance, witness contact info, and photos of the scene). Oftentimes, it helps to call the police to fully document the incident, including any injuries that were sustained.


Continue to document everything related to the accident after you get home. This includes medical expenses, lost time from work and collision repair costs. If the other party was at fault, their insurance company may offer a settlement with all parties. You may accept their offer or consider suing the at fault driver’s insurance company, with or without the assistance of an attorney.


What questions do I ask my attorney?


You will have a productive conversation with your attorney if you ask good, challenging questions. Learn about their background and process, as they will partner with you in the claims process.


What areas of law do you practice?

An attorney who practices injury law, particularly for your injury cause, likely has prior experience negotiating with the opposing party and trying cases in court. Prior experience on similar cases could make the outcome more favorable.


How frequently will I get updates about my case?

In the absence of information, injury victims can expect the worst and become anxious. For this reason, you will feel more confident with the lawyer representing you if they commit to provide consistent updates.


How long will it take to resolve my injury claim?

Most certainly, the lawyer will tell you ‘it depends’ and explain many uncontrollable factors that can elongate a claim. They should be able to provide a ballpark estimate so you know what to expect.


How often do you try lawsuits in court?

Insurance companies will research the firm representing your claim. If the firm has a reputation for taking occasional claims to trial, the law firm could be viewed as a threat. You want the opposing insurance company to view your law firm as a fighter.

A Car Accident Attorney can estimate your claim value. No obligations, get your FREE claim evalation.